Our Story

How do you bring together Wellness and Corporate gifting to deliver the ultimate customer experience that lasts a lifetime and can change a life… Wellness Gifted.

We became obsessed with nature based body care and the need for quality, consistency and transparency within the wellness market. We acknowledge the benefit of nature based products and understand all are not created equal, that is why we set out to find the best small batch, handcrafted healing body and skincare products on earth!

The result is our carefully curated gift boxes that will change the life of your customers through earth’s gift plant. We have searched the globe for the best small batch products in the market and then tested with actual clients in our Brick & Mortar locations in the United States, the results are the handpicked products in our boxes based on amazing customer feedback and inspirational experiences.

This amazing and satisfying journey has been transformed into a new way of corporate gifting-We help companies show appreciation and manage relationships through a new type of gifting experience specifically designed for small to large companies.